Laity for Moral Reform in the Catholic Church


The Catholic response to the clerical abuse crisis has not been Catholic enough. It has not been Catholic enough because it has failed to draw upon the Church’s own sacred traditions of reform and renewal, as embodied by figures like St. Peter Damian. For too long, the language of bureaucrats and businessmen has been allowed to supplant that of the saints—of sackcloth and ashes, of bell, book, and candle. And while recent expressions of shame and sorrow are good, they are not substitutes for righteous anger and mortification.

St. Peter Damian icon fundraising!

Posted: 2021-01-24

DALLAS – The Saint Peter Damian Society is proud to announce a new fundraising project in continuation of our mission to promote devotion to our patron saint. Last month on Wednesday, October 14, General Director Jonathan Carp signed, and returned, a contract to commission artist Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs to paint an icon/portrait of St. Peter Damian.