Laity for Moral Reform in the Catholic Church

What is Vos estis?

Vos estis is a motu proprio promulgated by Pope Francis on May 9th 2019. JD Flynn provides a good summary of its objectives and contents:

Vos estis sets out a clear procedure for investigating bishops accused of either implicitly or explicitly coercing someone to engage in sexual activity, abusing vulnerable persons, or possessing child pornography. Notably, the document also applies to bishops accused of interfering with or avoiding criminal and canonical investigations of sexual abuse or coercion. And it clarifies that compliance with civil law is a normative expectation for bishops, and that failing to do so could lead to censure.1

Vos estis investigations are limited in scope to allegations of abuse by a bishop or a bishop covering up abuse inflicted by others. Prior to the promulgation of Vos estis, processes were in place for investigating and disciplining abusive priests. However, there was no specific process for addressing such allegations against bishops. Vos estis fills that gap.

Vos estis investigations that we are aware of

Pillar Catholic published a list of bishops under investigation in the US since 20182

In addition, Catholic News Agency published a timeline of the two years since the McCarrick allegations became known3

Bishop Diocese Charge Process Began Status References
Hart Cheyenne Abuse of minors and adults 2019 Cleared of abuse allegations in January 2021, but rebuked. Barred from public ministry and contact with minors. Diocese of Kansas City-St.Joseph
DiMarzio Brooklyn Abuse of two minors 2019 Cleared in September 2021 Archdiocese of New York
Brungardt Dodge City Abuse of a minor 2021 Ongoing Catholic News Agency
Cantu San Jose Cover up 2020 Ongoing Catholic News Agency
Hoeppner Crookston Cover up 2019 Resigned in April 2021 Pillar Catholic
Hubbard Albany Abuse of minors 2021 Ongoing Catholic News Agency
Grosz Buffalo, New York Abuse of a minor 2021 Ongoing Buffalo News
Guglielmone Charleston Abuse of a minor 2019 Cleared in December 2020 Catholic News Agency
Binzer Cincinnati Cover up 2019 Resigned in May 2020 Catholic News Agency

Non-Vos estis cases that are similar

Bishop Diocese Charge Process Began Status Why wasn't this Vos estis? Reference
Bransfield Wheeling-Charleston Abuse of minors and adults 2018 Banned from public ministry 2019 Pre-dated Vos estis Catholic News Agency
Malone Buffalo Cover up 2019 Resigned upon Pope's request 2019 Unknown Catholic News Agency